What are you talking about?  I don't know the above poster!  We didn't plan this!!  That's crazytalk!!!

Ahem.  I mean.  In keeping with the fact that this comm deserves more activity, and Klema deserves much more love, here is another birthday Klema fic written for another friend who is a big Klema shipper.  It's a certain special someone's birthday, and that someone special's special someone doesn't quite grasp the concept of moderation.  

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Ema Skye, This is Your Life

Just a fanfic I wrote for my friend's birthday. She's a big Klema shipper and there aren't many really good Klema fics, so I did my best to write one for her. It was my first attempt at Klema, so I don't know how successful I was. >_<

At any rate, I'm posting it here, in hopes that it might necromance this comm, scientifically speaking. Here it is!


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If anyone can see this, way back in the olden days of '08, wave back!

&lt;3, musicians

Second Chances (ah, lame title...)

First post, and I come bearing fanfiction! The first fanfiction I've written in a while, and the first for this fandom...

Title Second Chances
Rating PG13, due to references to imaginings (OH EMA.)
Summary Ema gets a visit from Klavier when she's working late, making her an offer. (I'm sorry. I am appalling at summaries. And titles, as you can see.) Klavier/Ema.
Disclaimy Goodness Not miiiiiine, although I would love to own Klavier... (y hallo thar, predictable fangirl)

(Check me out with my fake cut!)

Concrit really, really appreciated <3


Hey there! I've been lurking here for a little bit. I love this pairing, and I have a little KlavierxEma fic of my own to share, if you'd like to see.
I'm also rather new to LJ, so forgive me if I mess up.

: Motorcycle
Pairing : KlavierEma/KyouyaAkane
Rating : PG-13

Warning: Mild Swearing
A/N: This was posted on FF.net, but this is a better edited version. The German's correct. C= It was the first PW/AA fic ever made by me.
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