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Glimmerous Fop + Fraulein Detective

your heartbeat is my rhythm, ja?

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Klavier Gavin and Ema Skye
Chemical Reaction by riingo@DA
→ Welcome to kyouyakane, for fans of both a romantic and platonic but mostly romantic relationship between Klavier Gavin (牙琉 響也 Garyuu Kyouya) and Ema Skye (宝月 茜 Houdzuki Akane) from the game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban 4).
→ Kyouyakane is the first and only LJ community devoted to all things related to the couple. You are encouraged to post fanfiction, fanart, cosplay pictures, graphics (icons, banners, etc.), discussions and just about anything that relates to KlavierEma. Have fun!

→ This is a community for Klavier and Ema; please remember to only post material related with our glimmerous fop and fraulein detective. If you're not sure about it, please contact the mod.
→ Remember to put fanfiction, fanart, graphics, downloads (i.e. doujinshi, mp3s, FSTs, etc.), long discussion posts and NSFW content under a lj-cut. Please make entries with downloads members only.
→ When posting fanwork (i.e. fanfiction and fanart), please provide a rating, subject and short summary. Any Not Safe For Work material must be clearly labeled.
→ Please refrain from ZOMFGWTFBBQ sTiCKY cAps l33t-speak overload!1!!1 We want to be able to understand you without our brains hurting. CAPSLOCK IS OK IN MODERATION. FOR SRS.
→ Please be kind to fellow users. No spamming, flaming, character!bashing, ship!bashing, trolling or wank of any kind will be tolerated. This is a community; act like one or I'll snackoo you.
→ HAVE FUN! (Occasional butthurt and baaw'ing is okay, though)

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pw_contest | a weekly fanfiction challenge community for the Ace Attorney Series.
gyaku_flash | a monthly fanfiction challenge community for the Ace Attorney Series.
→ If you'd like to affiliate with this community, please leave a comment here.

→ If you have any complaints, questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact your friendly mod, ayanix (a.k.a. ya_kun), by sending her a message here on LJ or an email at elizeimari (at) yahoo.com. Keep in mind that your mod operates on a UTC/GMT+8 time zone. And since your mod has no life, she will always be lurking around the community. Troublemakers beware. Not.

→ Sprite taken from here. Please link back to that site if taking. No hot-linking.
→ Profile header art by riingo. Original here. Done with permission.
→ Comm layout header by ya_kun. Official art from Court Records. Fanart found here.
→ Profile codes by refuted.
→ Overrides by resplandor